A hearty neighbor running through a 97-year-old fire, sick in bed, scared to death.

A hearty neighbor running through a 97-year-old fire, bed-ridden, both wounded

admitting to being afraid of the lives of the most important people.

On the 3rd of July, the reporter received a call from the villagers,

the village of 10 villages, the county of Buryum.

That yesterday afternoon (January 2, 64) there was a fire in the village, an elderly

patient in bed inside was seriously injured by the fire, and the house was completely destroyed by fire.

A hearty So I went to the crime scene to check out a high-rise basement, 63/1 group, 10 bushes, bushes, brothels,

brothels.The rocket was damaged, not even clothes, state welfare cards

and old people’s cards turned to ash, and the woman who was burned, a 97-year-old secret agent, was sent to

the Burrum hospital for treatment because of a 70 percent body-fire wound

which was not cleared from the test.Ask the villagers if the two houses live together, mother and son.

But when his son went out on a farm, he left his old mother at home alone, but his neighbors were watching him.

A hearty to the 50-year-old Tasimma, a good neighbor who broke into a fire carrying drugs from his home, told me that when

the incident happened at a normal home not far from the crime scene house

the flames were burning at my grandmother’s house and the villagers were panicking to help put the water out

and hear that there was a sick grandmother in the house who was in the fire.

The burns are getting worse and worse, but with helpless grandmother’s care.

So he decided to run through the flames and carry her out of the house, and when he got her out,

she was burned in her face and body at several serious points, and he had burns on his arm but not seriously

and then the lifeguard helped him get her to the hospital before she was sent to the Burrum hospital.

The part that decided to go through the flames to help her admitted to being scared, but thought life was the most important thing

and knew that you couldn’t help yourself if you didn’t decide to help

you might get burned to death, so glad to be able to help you out, even if you’re burned.

On the side of the gambler, 43-year-old citizen, the villagers and the man who was alive in the fire, told me

that he saw smoke flaring up in the sky, so he drove by and when he arrived, he saw almost all the house fires

and asked the villagers if anyone had helped the grandmother who was in the house.Well

the property wasn’t accessible because of the fire, so they decided to take a live phone call to see if it would

be useful for Grandma and her son, whose house was burnt down, to have no homes, and for Grandma herself to be seriously injured.

And after they left live, some of their friends contacted some of their grandmothers

and some of them put it through their accounts to help their grandmother.

In light of the incident, it would be advisable for an elderly home or bedridden patient not to be left alone

as this may be an unexpected incident, and the cause of this fire will have to wait for the authorities to re-examine what caused it.

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