Biden’s got a stake in the game-stop behind the Webb red-hot deal.

Biden’s got a stake, president of the United States Presidential Office (White House)

revealed Wednesday (27:00 a.m.) local time that the U.S. government, under Mr. Joe Biden’s leadership, is keeping an eye on the stock price of the game stock, a video game retail company that is so ambitious from the joint venture’s infamous venture.

The stock price of the stop game has risen to more than $347 (10,410 baht) per share when

the New York stock market closed on Wednesday (27 mq.) or more than 1.550% compared to the beginning of the year or more than 5,000% compared to last May’s stock price.The stock was sold at a mere $3.25 (90.75 baht) per share.

The sealant’s going to fallin a giant way.

This merger comes from a conversation room called Wall Street Bates on

the Reddit website, where users want to retaliate against the major investors at the “Short” stock, which is to borrow the shares of a company and sell them out at a high price with intent to buy back the shares.The lower the stock price, the lower the profit from the sale to the shorthand.

This fight also attracted the attention of Mr. Elon Musk, Chairman of the Board of Directors (CEO)

Tesla, an electric car manufacturer and space company, until Mr. Musk posted the chat room on Twitter and described the word “Gamestonk!” as a single-word game that used the name “Maptop Video Store.”

Short-head toothpaste.

Biden’s got a stake, Citron Resort at the stock market’s stock market shot down to just 20 dollars (60 baht) per share because it looks like it’s the end of the line.

That’s why the small investors on the Red Cross helped push prices through the ceiling and declare war on big investors.

Mr. Andrew Levet, founder of the Citron Resort, recently told the U.S. CNN news agency that the company had to shut down its stock of the stop game.

Meanwhile, Melvin Capital Management, a hedge fund in the United States, with such a short share. Lost and lost, too.

The rich stockholders don’t know.

However, there are many investors who benefit, one of whom is a 34-year-old Ryan Cohen, the largest common man holding 13% of the stock, valued at $1,300 million (38,963 baht).

Mr. Donald Foss, 76, founder and ex-CEO of Credit Axeptance Corp., had a sudden rise in assets because 5% of the stock was bought with 12 million dollars (359.71 baht) at the beginning of last year, now worth more than 500 million dollars (14,985 baht).

The 3.4% stake that George Sherman holds in the CEO of the stop game is worth $350 million (10.489 million).

Blackrock, the world’s largest asset manager holding 9.2 million shares in the game last month, is worth $3,000 million ($90,000 million) at a Wednesday (27 January 64).

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