D.J. Yamato’s birthday party. People are wondering, “A 23-year-old actor.”

“A 23-year-old actor.” In the case of a female chronicler

“A 23-year-old actor.” advertising assistant exposed to the new city of Bangkok

700 newly infected women were recently found to add 22 to the timeline of a cochid infection

one of whom could become a super-spreader, infecting those who were exposed to the disease from the hospital.Four patients attended a birthday party on June 9, 2564.

The discovery of the same day’s Covid infection, but the appearance of a different disease

such as the Djematoma, reported no symptoms by connecting to the second cluster from the first patient from the new J. Chang, reached one of the patients who owned the suit shop, connected to the second cluster and led to the third cluster

which was the case of the reporter not associated with the Djematu birthday party.

It’s linked to the spread of the first patient from the new J.C. Cheong by the fluorescent range.Last two days and spread the infection.

While in the online world, criticizing such a topic so fiercely that hacking

hacking, trend Twittering, birthday parties and other social gatherings, with a new outbreak

the government has announced a distraction, a ban on gathering, a lot of people have to work from home

a lot of people have to stop working, close down, and so on, and so forth.Rick

living a normal life is irresponsible to society, and there’s a question mark against this.Was it an emergency medical violation?

And the other point that came to the attention after the table and timelines of all 19 people caught up in this incident

23-year-old singer/actor who went to the DJmatom began to get sick on January 12th, many people were wondering who the DJmatom had previously come out to confirm through the show’s birthday talk show that no one was in the entertainment business.

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