Happy 10 year-old girl, peddling vegetables, helping her family.

I’d like to pay a visit to a fourth-grader who peddling a three-wheeler, sells vegetables, makes money to help his family, shares her expenses after her parents split up.

A reporter in the capital’s press office reported that inside Don Wai station, the Red Cross, the Highlands, the Red Cross, the Red Cross.Those who passed by and went to the service saw a medium-sized sunflower girl or a ten-year-old baby girl, a fourth-year-old high school student, a high-school dropout, a high-rise Crown Prince, riding a twin-wheeled bicycle, selling vegetables inside a gas station as usual.

According to the divorcee’s interview, the reason you had to drive your bike out to sell vegetables at the gas station was because there were people inside the gas station.A lot of commuting makes it better to sell vegetables than to sell them in a day can sell vegetables an average of 300-400 baht a day.

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