It’s not the first time I’ve boiled a 7-year-old daughter.

A seven-year-not mother, slowly growing up, was slapped in the face by a teacher who first forgave her because she said she’d never do it again.

On the 12th of July, Deputy Sheriff Jang Buryum assigned you to join the House of Representatives of Homeland Security.With the mayor, the attorney general, the vice-principal of justice, the director of the study group, together with the school director of one of the female departments, went to the fact-finding area after one parent posted a picture with a message that her daughter had been slapped in the face by a teacher and had to be hospitalized, which meant that she had to go to the hospital.

“give me my first chance to apologize, and I forgave you and promised I’d never do it again, and I begged you to go to school because I saw that I had to.”It’s hard to forgive you for being so old, but today you’re going to have to go to the second hospital and get a brain X-ray at Buryum Hospital, see some poor, helpless people, even if she doesn’t have a lot of money in her life, but I’ll help you to the end… we’ll see.”

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