“Jo Biden” Catholic president, advocates a policy of “safe abortion policy.

“Jo Biden” the 46th president of the United States, and the 2nd president of the Catholic Church, he also supported the right to abortion.

“Jo Biden” Which is a strange position from the Roman Catholic faith he respects.

After Biden joined the White House on January 20th, he planned to change the policies of former President Donald Trump, and one of them was a policy of withholding funds from private aid organizations and making statements.Lead the abortions, which is the reproductive rights work that the Biden “Jo Biden” is pushing for the people.

Dr. Anthony Fazi has informed the board of directors of the World Health Organization that Biden is preparing to revoke the Mexican City Policy,

which is part of a promise to expand women’s health and promote gender equality at home and around the world.a downward trend

Such a policy occurred for the first time in Ronald Reagan’s government since then, a change under the leadership of the presidents of the Democrats and Republicans until the Trump era, which brought this policy back to use again,

with the cancellation of funding for family planning projects that work to help and advice on abortion,

had resulted in many organizations such as Planne.Go, go, go, go, go!Well, Trump’s government is also supported by the right-wing anti-abortion group.

A group working for abortion rights called for the cancellation of several Trump policies related to abortion,

birth control and reproductive health, and urged the cancellation of Hyde Amenance, a non-profit abortion policy.

However, the announcement of Biden’s position on abortion creates controversy among Catholic Christians,

but surveys indicate that most Catholic Americans support abortion rights,

while indicating that most Catholic women use birth control, which is wrong, while anti-abortion groups also oppose Biden.

“It’s a big problem when President Biden, who is a very prominent Catholic,

comes out in support of abortion, which is a moral evil,

which is to kill a fragile human life, unable to fight and yet be born,

” said Mary Hudson, a member of the Conservative and Public Policy Center.

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