People like numbers. Lucky grandma’s been winning since the middle of ’63.

People Grandmother’s secret fortune has been revealed since the middle of 2563 until now, the most recent reason to plant a lucky plant was to find a strange, face-like creature.

The reporter reported that today (11 p.m.) at noon, the reporter learned that there was a grandmother at 211/1 at sea.Miss People, who maintained that J. Udhani was the lucky winner from the middle of 2563 until the year 2564, was not unlucky by the sound of your doll singing at home, making it impossible for anyone who liked numbers to follow my grandmother’s dreams this time around.

The reporter for the house of the great-grandmother is Mrs. Tumma Jumpla, 66, who says she’s never been lucky enough to ask for a tree.The luck of the neighbors grew, and when the buds were red in the middle of 2563 the luck was always won, and in 2564 it was always lucky.

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