“Putin” is a symbol of the West’s rise to protest in Russia.

Russian President Vladimir “Putin” accuses the eastern government of using Russian anti-government leader Alexi Novalney as a tool in the Russian control effort, and that Russia’s recent multi-faceted success, including the development of the Kovid-19 Sputnik-Five vaccine, is creating fuel for the enemy.

The Russian leader’s speech was made while it was reported that several of the videos broadcast on Russian television and Internet, which showed a gathering of  “Putin” supporters, were a video set up after several people appeared on the video revealed that they were being deceived into attending the meeting, or that they were not.be forced by an employer

One of these videos was taken at a chemical factory in one of Siberia’s provinces, where workers were singing patriotic songs and shouting out the slogan, “Russia is a powerful and powerful word!”

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