That’s amazing! A fake passport gang found a copy of Sylvester Stallone’sallone.

That’s amazing! On Friday, the U.S. and European prosecutors charged four Bulgarians who were identified as members of a criminal organization

that filed false documents against Bulgaria, according to a report by Reuters.

That’s amazing! offence includes counterfeit dollar bills and Euro. Previously on Homeland Security,

the National Police had been combing 30 different locations across Bulgaria and arresting color suspects.A man who was ready to confiscate a large number of other counterfeit notes.

During a search of an apartment in Plovdiv, southern Bulgaria

the police were able to confiscate counterfeit dollars and a lot of good quality euro, including B’s ID and driver’s license.Algeria, too.

And one of the false documents that was seized was a fake passport from Bulgaria, which

the criminal gangs used as images of Sylvester Stallone, a major American actor who bred the Italian line.Well-known for the Boo, Rembo, and Rocky movies.

This fake passport was made to boast of the quality of making fake criminal gang papers with its clients.

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