The 1st Army ordered the training teacher to be grounded.

The 1st Army Public Relations Center points out that the 2nd Battalion of the Queen’s Guild, J. Shelburi, went to the Scary Justice Center after being trained by the teachers and assistants and injured in a sexual assault, claiming that the 1st Army understood the feelings of the soldiers and their families in their concern about the incident, and that all the initial investigations were conducted in a fair and impartial manner.Aah!

For that incident, split into two parts.

The military’s inappropriate drug behavior

which was found to have been subjected to military discipline on the 22nd of June, 2564

and the unit found that there were five repeat offenders, has resulted in an additional sentence, in the meantime

two out of five escaped home and filed a complaint through the justice center, according to the news.

Excessive punishment has been established by the unit as a fact-finding committee

which initially had the motive to detain the trainer and order military probation during the official waiting process.

Most recently today, the Joint Chiefs contacted the parents of

the two soldiers to build confidence and to take care of the medical care

who are eager to return to the process of reconsideration and investigation.

Minister, I repeat, do not overdo it.

M.O.D. Chandra Osha, the Minister and Minister of Defense, mentioned the case

that the self-proclaimed military was inappropriate, that there was a smuggling of marijuana

which was reported in the preliminary report, which had to verify whether

the punishment was excessive or minor, and that when a prisoner was convicted

the punishment was punishable by imprisonment

The shield has been in place and has been in use ever since

I was commander-in-chief of the region.Always use this principle.

And remember, my soldiers are close to the Marines, so don’t overdo it

because there’s going to be a big problem, and understand each other that smoking weed or drugs is wrong.

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