The campaign to promote democracy was launched by the prime minister.

Colonel Colonel Colonel campaign Osha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense said on Wednesday (10 January) that support for democracy in Myanmar came after General Min, uh, several military commanders who seized campaign government power earlier this month (8 January) sent letters.

The Prime Minister also revealed that the letter had nine reasons why the Mein army considered the election in January to be a gross fraud.

The chief executive said that Mian’s internal management was a matter for Mian, and according to the principles of the Southeast Asian National Association (Asian) and cooperation in Southeast Asia (TAC) that would not interfere with each other’s internal affairs.

Besides, the P.O. also said that the most important thing at the moment is to maintain the best possible relationship, because it will be of benefit to the general public and the economy that trade borders with each other, which are very important at the moment.

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