The Drug King

“The Drug King” is an incredible film, written and directed by none other than Lee Nguyen. Kim Sung-Gyung is the lead as David Storey, a crack addict and a local drug kingpin. The film tells of Storey’s rise and fall who ruled the drug industry in the latter part of the 1980s. It’s among the top films of the year, and it shows how media can easily make up a sensational story that has not been thoroughly researched. I suggest watching the film with a buddy because you’ll get so involved.

The movie opens in 1980 when the US government launches an investigation into the increase in the use of drugs in the country. Two undercover cops, Det. Kim and Capt. Sam are assigned to the case. They soon realize that the kingpins are extremely organized method of working.

moviefree8k Soon, they find out that Cho Soon, a drug lord, has an underground meeting spot that is used for the distribution of tons of heroin and cocaine across the United States. The drug lord promises them that they will stop the drug from being introduced to the American marketplace. The authorities were able to stop the operation when the US government erroneously stole drugs from the South Korean consulate. The kingpin and his associates are detained and two police officers are left with the task of finding the drug lord and bringing him to justice.

Soon after the bust, the cops are able to track down the drug king and take them to prison. The film leaps forward 11 years to the time that the South Korean president visits Korea. The two are introduced and soon begin to fall in love. They intend to be able to free North Korea from communism, but when they reach the country they find out that the drug lord has already fled. They must now work together to end the drug war for good.

Once the movie ends the action shifts to New York City, where the two police officers are put on trial for the takedown of the drug king. Lee Do-Hui plays the principal character, Kim Kwon-soo, better known as Kimbo who was played by Kwak Dieng. Two cops talk on the phone, and the film shows them going after the drug lord inside the huge nightclub. They arrive at just the right moment to spare President Obama from being shot. They are released by the police department after impressing them with their work.

Tong Soo, a Yakuza boss, meets with the police the next day. Tong Soo threatens to kill Kim should he not give him the drugs. He also wants information about the presidential candidate. Kim is frightened however he is left with no choice, and tells the cops to meet him at the Kuk Sa Tong nightclub. There, he meets Tong Soo, who threatens to kill Kim if they do not bring the drugs. They agree to offer him 10 million dollars if the demands are met. Kim is scared by the thought of his life being spared and accepts Tong’s demands.

A couple of days later, Kim and Tong get to the airport to collect Kimbo But they are stopped by Park Chuul-sik, a south Korean national known for being a fraudster. He pretends to be President Chun Doo, and he swindles the Chinese people. He then runs away to Hong Kong but not before giving the president a severely stretched face. With the aid of Tong Soo, Kim and Kimbo go to Hong Kong to deliver the money. The two soon become enemies, though, and they attempt to escape with the drugs. Chow helps them escape the airport using the drugs.

A year later, Kim and Tong return to Hong Kong to defend their honour against Park and his army of expert martial arts soldiers. However, they are betrayed by Park who is determined to make use of their newfound friendship to further expand his drug empire. Now, Kim must use his master Tong Soo to defeat the enemy and free the streets of Hong Kong from the clutches of Park and his cronies. Kim’s childhood friend Lee Doo SAM is now the real threat. Although Sam is an athlete at first, he soon becomes a lover of Park’s daughter. The film is very enjoyable, with some great fighting sequences and a number of well-timed comedy scenes making it a well-written movie with a lot of entertainment worth.


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