The Mian army came to the state of execution for no good reason.

The execution state is the perfect Thai Mian for “coup d’état” (goodta), which literally translates as “Coup d’état.”

Execution is a violent seizure of power to change the government by law, most of which is carried out by

the state’society.There is no need for violence or bloodshed. Generally, a successful execution is only possible if the ruling party can take over and rule the state for seven days.

Failure to execute a state will be classified as a treason under the law, meaning execution, but the most recent execution of Mian came this morning on 1 January.2564 by the Mein-Mar army, an army was mobilized to arrest Mrs. Aung San-Suji, State Counselor, and

Mr. Win-Myun, President Mein, along with all the ministers and congressmen, in preparation for the opening ceremony of the State Assembly.

Then the military appointed the first vice-president appointed by the military, Lieutenant Colonel Myung Xiu, to sign

a one-year state of emergency declaration at 0800 hours by the military to appoint Deputy Minister Miyin, and to appoint

the first vice-president of the former government, Mrs. Song Soo Ji, to the post of acting president, and to be dismissed. Eleven.

On the same day, the Mian Army TV station announced an emergency situation throughout

the country for a period of one year under the 2551 constitution, under article 413-418, which states that by declaring an emergency situation, it is one year old and capable of renewing it at a time of six.

Months put power in the hands of senior military commander Min Wong.

This coup d’état by the Mian army has been repeated in accordance with Article 417 of the 2551 Constitution

which states that if there is sufficient reason for a split in the parliament or for what could be a loss of democracy due to an act or attempt to seize

the parliament’s democratic power by means of a riot and an act of disapproval of the president,This national security claims to have been rigged in the general election in November of 2563 by

Mrs. Sun Soo’s NLD party. get more votes

80% of all voters who count as highly popular are accused of electoral fraud, which has been repeated by MP Miyin Siwu, the President-in-Office of the Council, to confirm the legitimacy of the announcement of an emergency situation of emergency.

Yes, the Mian army’s execution was a constitutional seizure written by the army in 2551 claiming parliamentary sovereignty and stability, which led to the loss of Mian’s sovereignty.

It’s too dark, sir! The Burma people won’t let you.

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