The Mian army elected Miyin Shu as acting president after the coup d’état.

The Mian army has elected General Myin Xue as the first vice president after Monday’s presidential election, when she was kidnapped by state counselor Aung San Sooji and several prominent leaders of the Mian government at the dark morning of the same day.

In the past, General Myin Sewe served as President of the United States once in 2561 after former President Mein resigned on the 21st of March.

This execution state, the Mian army has cut off all communications in Neclaw and in many areas.

This movement took place after the Mayan government and the military were strained by the military’s accusations that the election in 2563 was a major fraud, which occurred only twice after it ended under military dictatorship in 2554.

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The Mian army chose Miyin Xiu.President-in-Office after the election.


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