Yang, we don’t have a warrant for a rental ad, confirm it’s ready to go.

Yang, The post-jang hasn’t received a warrant for a lease ad, and the state department has already issued a warning

confirming its readiness to come forward with a self-declaration.

After yesterday’s 30th anniversary, there was a report that police officers had been issued a warrant for “Manyung Yenbeau” in the case of a rental product ad.

“Guyang” is a commercial for rent. It’s an extension of the cast.

Last day (31cm) the famous field singer posted an explanation of the case with the following contents.

“Hello, comrades of the press. I’m sorry. I didn’t get a call when you called me because of some errands, and I thank

you all for caring about me. Brothers and sisters. I don’t even have the warrant the press is talking about right now. But some of the media have already published the summons, but now I’d like to make a statement.Here we go.

According to the news currently in the media about products that support the use of UCT and products that support

the use of a multivitamin B-based diet, I would like to point out this.

The food supplement products are rented out to the U.S.T.U., which is being adjusted for over-advertising reasons, and

the manufacturer has been notified by one of the home shopping companies that,It is the provider and broadcaster of such satellite advertising that has suspended the unauthorized advertising and paid the fine in a.Yang.

However, the manufacturer has agreed to make an understanding with the content-shopping company and the satellite-based cable TV and other media to strictly observe the rules of use of advertising content to prevent errors or misunderstandings, as indicated by the agency and the textbook.

For the food supplement product, the multivitamin B compound, which has a warning sheet on the website,

the company has already had a guide and a response to the advertisement since December 25th, 2563

Anyway, in all the media that broadcast on digital TV, whether it’s Tie-in’s merchandise on the show or Spot, t

he company has all the documents that have been approved by the not.

The company remains committed to the quality of the product, as it has been for more than 10 years,

and therefore asks consumers to have confidence in the quality and safety that the company has treated and taken care of the safety of the consumer, however, the company and I will certainly be able to identify them ourselves.”

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